How Many ULR Loggings are Possible?

Gary DeBock

Rob and Nick,

     Rob's discussion is downright profound, and should  be read by all ULR

     Of course, we all have different DXing goals, and  reasons why we enjoy
using these little radios.  600 ULR stations  received in one year is
phenomenal from any location, but from the west  coast... well, it's about as likely
as receiving WOON-1240 (or  maybe MOON-1240  :>)

     To be honest, Rob has taken the ULR focus  into a direction that I never
would have considered, since from the beginning,  my own ULR interest has
been receiving TP's on these tiny wonders-- an  absolutely thrilling experience. 
Catching the tail end of the 2007 fall  season with my humble stock SRF-59, I
managed to log 3 of them (JOAK-594,  JOIB-747, and HLCA-972), before the band
went into the winter hibernation period  in December (which we are now
experiencing again, one year later).

     Greatly missing the TP's (and having some moderate  Navy technical
experience), a fascinating challenge developed-- no doubt equally  fascinating to
Rob's multiple station challenge--  I wanted to make the ULR  radios
ultra-competitive for TP reception!  Yes, make them,  ultra-sensitive, ultra-selective
and ultra-effective for transoceanic DXing...  so that they could outperform
even the full-sized stock portables like the  ICF-2010 and E1.  This challenging
goal was probably equally daunting to  Rob's goal of logging many hundreds of
stations in one year-- and equally  fascinating.

     Along the way, some outstanding technicians like  John Bryant, Guy
Atkins and Steve Ratzlaff joined in-- as we pursued the common  goal of creating an
Ultralight radio with unprecedented 9 kHz-split DX  capability.  I had a lot
of "education" along the way--  SRF-39FP  loopstick transplants that boosted
sensitivity but degraded selectivity, vintage  ferrite loopsticks that needed
to be retired, etc.  But eventually,  working together, we found the perfect
way to combine extreme sensitivity  with extreme selectivity in a modified
Ultralight (with extreme nulling ability  as a bonus).  The Slider loopstick E100's
(with the Murata CFJ455K5 IF  filter) are now astonishing ever DXer who tries
one out-- and like Rob, I  can truthfully say that this year has provided
great Ultralight radio  thrills for me, for John Bryant, and many other TP DXers.

     We all have differing reasons for enjoying these  tiny wonders, but like
Rob eloquently wrote, we all have one great thing in  common-- FUN!  It's a
total blast to hold a tiny modified E100 in your  hand, and receive 5AN-891 in
Adelaide, Australia (8,230 miles from  Grayland).  It's equally fun for Allen
Willie to log new European, African  and Asian countries on his stock
SRF-M37V, or John Bryant to log multiple  Aussies and Kiwis with his E100, assisted by
a Wellbrook  array. Even stock SRF-59 DXing is alive and well, despite the
fact  that lazier DXers (like yours truly) have bailed out :>)

     So in addition to thanking Rob again for his  phenomenal
accomplishments, I would like to thank all of you for setting  the standard in AM-DXing fun
this past year, and for giving this hobby a huge  enthusiasm boost.  Our best
days are yet to come, and 2009 looks like  an ultra-exciting year for our
booming niche group.

     73 and Best Wishes,    Gary  DeBock   

In a message dated 12/30/2008 11:34:04 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, 
nhp@... writes:

At 18:24  12/30/2008, you wrote:

>Hi Guys:
>  After logging  # 602 I have found myself in another Drought...not
>hearing anything New  on ULRs for the last 2 Days!! Several people have
>asked the Million  Dollar Question....Is there a limit to how many
>stations can be logged  using ULR Radios??

a great write-up, Rob.  Your  basic  DXing technique is universally
applicable (you don't hear 'em if the radio  isn't switched on; a couple of hundred
brand new stations in a single year  after many years of DXing attests to that),
but your observations concerning  regional "spotlights" certainly bear
repeating as well. 

Thanks,  and Happy New  Year.


Nick  Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC

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