Re: [IRCA] Durham Radio Runs Out of Eton E100's

Gary DeBock

Hi Colin,
     Thanks for your very positive comments on the DXing performance of the E100 Slider models, during your Kona vacation.  John, Guy and I have already known about the monster performance of these tiny wonders, and it's nice to have another TP-DXer thrilled with the results.
     Your suggestion of the E-100S designation for the Slider models is great :>)   Since there are two versions of the E100 Sliders, maybe we could call John's plywood-frame model the E100SJ, and my plastic-frame model the E100SG?   :>)
     It's unfortunate that Durham Radio has run out of the E100's, but since Eton had officially discontinued this model since June, it shouldn't be a big surprise to anybody.  The NOS E100's are still routinely available from other sources, although at a higher price.  There are also several outlets selling demo and used models, some offering guarantees of proper operation.
     For those of you already owning an E100 and considering DX performance modifications, there is currently no shortage of the Murata CFJ455K5 IF filters (Steve Ratzlaff is still doing the modifications) or parts to make Slider loopsticks (Amidon is still selling type 61 ferrite bars 7.5" long, and Dave Schmarder is still selling 40/44 Litz wire).  During 2009, I think there will be plenty of new monster E100's created, hopefully providing great new portable DXing excitement for transoceanic and domestic DXers.
     73 and Good DX,   Gary DeBock
In a message dated 12/30/2008 8:45:47 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, cafe@... writes:
> Might you have one or three tucked away somewhere that you're willing to part with for a price? Inquiring minds want to know.Bert New

I have 2 - and in the interest of science and good will,
I would be willing to loan my E100 Slider (now almost fresh from
its Hawaiian adventure...) to any of you -

Anyone have a sense if there is a little brother or sister
to the E100?

In retrospect I am glad that I did not bring the Eton E1
all this way - the E100 is very directional and has helped
null out some unpleasant QRN - the E1's whip on MW would
not have done anything.

The Grundig G6 and Kaito 1103, also along for the ride,
have been virtually useless on MW against the slider -
and the Sony Prison has been an utter non-starter -

It too needs some large ferrite ears to dig into
that soft RF zone we call the pacific.

>From what I have experienced with the E100-Slider,
heretofore to be referred to the now discontinued
E100-s (I hope Gary, John an Guy approve...) or
the E100-S - it has performed about as well as
a Drake R8 locked on a 1.2 khz filter position
connected to a Wellbrook ALA100 and suitable loop
of wire -- actually and in all fairness - it
is BETTER than that.
The E100-s is more sensitive than the Sony 2010
by about 6db (or more) [using my ears here after all folks]
and a clear notch above the Eton E1 -

It is a shame that the E100 and E100-s are now slipping into
the real of legend... and my trip isn't even over yet...

Best 73 and Aloha,

Colin Newell - Editor - CoffeeCrew DOT Com ---
Victoria, British Columbia - Radio VA7WWV
Editor - DXer DOT CA and Bob Harris DOT Com

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