Re: Further comparison of air core vs ferrite bar booster antennas.


Hi Garry:

Thanks for the detailed blow-by-blow. I too have found that eventually an
air core loop out-pulls a ferrite. I look forward to your pictures!

Quick question: when you say 1.2 inches long on the basket coil, is that
the difference between the inner and outer diameter of the basket? I
assume the "4.1" D" is the outside diameter?

Thanks - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA


Basket wound coil of #21 solid with insulating film:
4.1"D by 1.2"L, 41 turns total about 44.0 feet.

Ferrite bar coil of #24 plastic insulated telephone wire close wound
over poly sheet (1-2 mm):
bar: 123mm L x 31mm W x 11mm thick
coil: 35mm long, centered, about 10.9 feet of wire (a lot less than
the air coil, wire not much smaller but close wound with unknown
insulation touching)

I hope to soon have some photos of my setup.

near Syracuse, NY

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