Outboard BFO for the Tecsun PL-310

Larry <l.lanberg@...>

I've been dying to connect a BFO to the PL-310, just for kicks. I bought the Ten-Tec BFO kit, which is designed for radios that have a 455 kHz IF, which the PL-310 doesn't have.

I see on an older board post that the PL-310 has an IF of 45 kHz - that's the claim on the post. Someone else on the board then reckoned that its therefore impossible to use an outboard BFO with the PL-310. However, looking at my kit, and its schematic, it seems to me that it should be easy to make the BFO usable on the PL-310.

Couldn't I just make the thing oscillate at 45 kHz? Such as, by not using the 455 kHz part and instead putting a parallel LC that resonates at 45 kHz in its place? What am I missing with the logic?


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