Re: Oregon Cliff Ultralight DU's for 7-18

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Might these observations in any way be linked to the
CME of recent days?

Michael UK

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Longwave DX was a dud and only a couple of Hawaiian NDB's (332-POA and
353-LLD) showed much stength at all on the cliff this morning, . . .
. . . but in general Longwave DX was a disappointment.

Medium wave DX was an entirely different story, with an unusually good
opening to New Zealand and Tahiti. . . .
. . .An ID was recorded for the first time on the low-powered 594-NZ Rhema
stations, while the Aussie big guns (and all other Aussies) were
completely missing in action (even 891-5AN, which was highly unusual).
This upset grandiose plans to investigate the Aussie X-banders, but
there is always tomorrow to look forward to.

73, Gary DeBock (temporarily in Yachats, OR)

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