Re: E100 Hotrodding Assistance Needed!

Guy Atkins

These are interesting findings on selectivity of the E100. I wonder if the E10 is similar? I have an E10 I picked up at Fry's Electronics for a measly $29.99, and I've been impressed with its performance and value.
The E10 has a unique "image avoider" feature. The narrower of the two I.F. filters is actually two filters-- one at 450 kHz I.F., and the other at 455 khz I.F. Depending on which one you choose, it can shift a signal by 10 khz if it is an image, allowing clear reception of the frequency. If it's not an image but a true signal, it stays put.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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Hi John:

Sorry, no insights on disassembling the e100, but a few weeks ago I
ran the e100 and the SRF units through an exhaustive, musta been 15-
20 minutes long :-), test to see how they allowed reception of
channels up next to strong locals, and the e100 was the clear winner -
easily the most selective stock ULR out there! My guess is that
they designed it to allow shortwave reception with 5 khz separations,
rather than targetting 9 or 10 khz splits, which is an excellent side
benefit for us!

A couple considerations I see with the e100 are:
1. 910 khz images can be prominent in a strong RF urban area
2. mine is a different model than yours, with a monolithic coil that
covers the entire ferrtite and cannot be slid/tweaked for lower band
performance. Per Gary, my upper band exceeds even the Sony TJ-615
away in sensitivity, (HLAZ-1566 and VOA-1575 beware!), but alas the
lower part of the band (<1000 khz) gets progressively weaker, and the
SRFs easily out-hear the e100 on 540 khz. I believe yours and Gary's
have a movable coil which allows more balanced results.
3. Circuit noise/background white noise: noticeable at low volumes
4. AGC a bit squawky when tuning to strong locals

All in all, I'd say it's one of the better ULR packages, and the only
decent digital set with 1 khz tuning.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbrdige Island, WA


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