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Hi John:

Sorry, no insights on disassembling the e100, but a few weeks ago I
ran the e100 and the SRF units through an exhaustive, musta been 15-
20 minutes long :-), test to see how they allowed reception of
channels up next to strong locals, and the e100 was the clear winner -
easily the most selective stock ULR out there! My guess is that
they designed it to allow shortwave reception with 5 khz separations,
rather than targetting 9 or 10 khz splits, which is an excellent side
benefit for us!

A couple considerations I see with the e100 are:
1. 910 khz images can be prominent in a strong RF urban area
2. mine is a different model than yours, with a monolithic coil that
covers the entire ferrtite and cannot be slid/tweaked for lower band
performance. Per Gary, my upper band exceeds even the Sony TJ-615
away in sensitivity, (HLAZ-1566 and VOA-1575 beware!), but alas the
lower part of the band (<1000 khz) gets progressively weaker, and the
SRFs easily out-hear the e100 on 540 khz. I believe yours and Gary's
have a movable coil which allows more balanced results.
3. Circuit noise/background white noise: noticeable at low volumes
4. AGC a bit squawky when tuning to strong locals

All in all, I'd say it's one of the better ULR packages, and the only
decent digital set with 1 khz tuning.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbrdige Island, WA

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Help! Help!

After my success at adding the antenna input port to the Sangean
DT-200VX, I started into the E100 last night with the same mod in
mind. The back cover came off fine (getting it back on is a bit of
challenge until you learn the trick.) The receiver is a stack of
or three boards that I now know are connected to a black plastic
frame/skeleton that is, itself, largely hidden by the large
upper-most board. I took the two visible screws outta the board
attempted to remove it from the stack, but it just didn't want to
come loose. I lost my nerve at that point and tip-toed my way back
outta the radio, got it back together and it made it back to
condition (whew!)

This morning I did find some interior photos of the E100 from
HongKongRadioer and I discovered that the tuning knob pulls off.
importantly, I sort of infer that you take off the front cover of
receiver, too, and then dismember the stack of boards and
sub-assemblies from the FRONT side. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THAT IS

My first exploration indicated that there is little room for even
2.5mm audio jack near the ferrite bar on the E100. I'm thinking
I'll mount one of those audio jacks that fit on circuit boards on
top edge exterior of the radio case (right above the ferrite bar)
run the solder prongs thru the case to a pick-up coil on the
bar. I hate to do this to such a beautiful and useful portable, but
sure do want to be able to hook this puppy to an external antenna.

Finally, as I was making the dial of my table model National SRF-
I used an analog signal generator and the E100 as a frequency
As I was sweeping the generator to establish center points, etc., I
got the distinct impression that the stock E100 had sharper IF
filters than the much celebrated SRF-39FP. Has anyone compared them
side by side for selectivity.

If anyone has been inside an E100, please speak up........


John B.

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