Durham Radio Runs Out of Eton E100's

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Russ Johnson advised me this morning that Durham Radio of Whitby, Ontario has sold out their stock of the discontinued Eton E100, and that they will no longer be available.  Their web site confirms this. Durham Radio has sold a great number of these NOS E100's to the Ultralight Radio AM-DXing group at the special price of $44.93 (plus shipping), but unfortunately hobbyists desiring to purchase these outstanding compact models will now need to track one down from other sources (at a much higher price).
     The Eton E100 was the subject of intensive hoobyist modifications for sensitivity and selectivity improvements recently, making it an extremely capable AM-DXing receiver.  A new Slider loopstick was combined with a Murata CFJ455K5 premium IF filter, giving it unprecedented 9-kHz split transoceanic DX performance among compact portables.
     If you would still like to purchase this superb model, it is recommended that you act without delay to secure one from another source.  Please also be aware that the units with serial numbers of E10-0709xxxxxx have an inferior AM design, and are not possible to modify for increased DX performance, according to the articles posted on http://www.dxer.ca.
     73,  Gary DeBock     

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