Re: 6.5' (2 Meter) Sided Longwave Tuned Passive Loop Demo Video

chuck_rippel <Chuck.Rippel@...>

Appreciate the video, Gary. Right now, I'm using a 2 crate, "Crate Loop" on LW and while it works, the Crate does not have the capture area your 6.5 footer does !

The construction challenges are well noted. I noticed you used a fairly heavy gauge wire (#16?). What about using a smaller gauge wire thats say.... teflon coated to lighten the load and take strain off the horizontal spreaders ?

I'd like to somehow put a loop outside in a rotor, take a feed from it and use the signal inside. Hmmmmmm..... wonder how that could be done?

Chuck Rippel

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Hello All,

For those interested in Longwave antenna experimentation, a
demonstration video of the 6.5 foot (2 meter) sized LW tuned passive
loop has been uploaded to

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