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Gary, Nick & All;

Seems as though you may not know about radio-locator dot com ??

This site is a MOST excellent resource for station info including power and transmitter pattern(s) & location. For ex., the map for CFAX clearly shows that Gary, you are in the trough part of the lobe for this 4 tower 10KW one pattern directional station with towers located on Trial Island at 48° 23' 50" N, 123° 18' 20" W



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Hi Nick,

Thanks very much for the interesting information on the antenna pattern
of 1070-CFAX.

The 10 kW station has always had a somewhat underwhelming daytime DX
signal here 99 miles to the southeast, but I figured that the reason
was the Olympic mountains in between us. Another curious point is that
unlike all of the Vancouver daytime AM-DX signals (which are primarily
over a salt water path), the 1070-CFAX signal doesn't follow the
general pattern of being received equally well on a 4' air core loop
and a 5" diameter FSL model. The Victoria station's signal has always
shown a weird preference for air core loops, the only one of about 10
daytime DX stations having this quirk.

Congratulations also on the final demise of "Village 900."

73, Gary

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A quick note, Gary (and Eduardo also). CFAX-1070 is highly
directional away from the United States to protect KNX among others, so
there is likely only tens of watts being sent in your direction. I
have more accurate information around here somewhere (including the
fact that almost all their power goes through my own house instead),
but, for now, that will explain why they are so weak at your location
without extra assistance from the DeBock antenna farm.

best wishes,


<<< I wanted to ask
you on that Victoria B.C. station you were receiving 90 miles away on
your 8" FSL - what was its Transmitter Power? >>>

1070-CFAX is actually 99 miles (160 km) from here, and has 10 kW
transmitter power. Unfortunately there is a mountain range (the
Olympics) between here and there, reducing the signal somewhat.

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