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Yes, I think that you are correct--so I am really interested in seeing how your antenna works in a head-to-head with a FSL antenna...

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Subject: Re: [ultralightdx] RGP3 antenna


Subject: [ultralightdx] RGP3 antenna


I think that the Stormwise Ferrite rods, are either made up of stacked toroids, or stacked ferrite
That is why they have them inside of PVC pipe. If you will measure the ID of the Stormwise
that you have that will be the diameter of the ferrite that is inside. I noticed that the
put epoxy in each end of the rod.


If the Stormwise were made up of juxtaposed toroids, it would
have been the precursor of the FSL. Has anyone evere seen inside???

It would certainly be interesting to be able to compare a diy antenna
using a number of ferrite or iron-core toroidal rings with a standard FSL
and bundled ferrite rods or slugs.


Michael UK

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