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Everett N4CY

I think that the Stormwise Ferrite rods, are either made up of stacked toroids, or stacked ferrite slugs. That is why they have them inside of PVC pipe. If you will measure the ID of the Stormwise that you have that will be the diameter of the ferrite that is inside. I noticed that the put epoxy in each end of the rod.

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Not sure if this Brazilian antenna is exactly comparable with a Stormwise monster ferrite bar antenna. My 19" 125 mu permiability ferrite bar antenna wrapped with a primary coil of 38 turns of 660/46 Litz beats the pants off of my Crane twin coil, regarding peaking (Q) and depths of nulling. It is contained in a 2' long piece of pvc and travels easily...

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Not wishing to knock the ferrite sleeve antenna - far from it! But has anyone tried the Brasilian RGP3 ferrite rod antenna?

It looks ike it could fit in a suitcase more easily - it would be interesting to know how it performs against an FSL.

Here a link in English


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