Second Slider DT-200VX model

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The DT-200VX has apparently been discontinued by Sangean, but a couple of these models will live on as souped-up DXing monsters.
     Like the Eton E100 ultralight, the DT-200VX receives a phenomenal boost in sensitivity when a 7.5" Amidon ferrite bar-based  sliding coil loopstick is transplanted into the front end circuitry.  The Slider DT-200VX sensitivity is fully equal to that of the Slider E100's, which can run circles around many full-sized portables.
     Unlike the Slider E100 project, however, it is not beginner-friendly.  The four Litz wire soldering connections on the RF circuit board include two that are extremely crammed, making it mandatory to use a soldering iron bus wire attachment, to avoid frying adjacent components.  For this reason, these DT-200VX Slider monsters are unlikely to proliferate, like the souped-up E100's.
     The Slider loopsticks do not always provide a phenomenal sensitivity boost-- they have proven to be Duds in the SRF-39FP and ICF-S5W models, inducing a serious dose of necessary humility in the transplant tinkerer.  The DT-400W model should be another DXing monster, however.
     73 and Merry Christmas to All,
     Gary DeBock

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