Re: Any Travel Tips on flying with modified DX equipment.?

Steve Ratzlaff

I'm currently in Tucson for a couple of weeks, having arrived Saturday, flying from Boise with a stop in Las Vegas. I took my Tecsun PL-380 with "Gary modified" 7.5" ferrite rod (and LF coil) and frame glued to the radio. Not sure where to pack it I finally decided to bring it in the carry on (along with a GPS, binoculars, digital camera and laptop). The laptop has to be taken out and put separately for the security check but the others I left alone in the soft luggage. This is the first time I'd flown in 10+ years, and I was a little worried about how the security check would go. Fortunately there was no interest at all taken in any of my stuff.
The airlines recommend you put anything fragile or valuable in your carry on luggage.
I'm sure you could bring wire and whatever else you wanted; I'd put it in the checked baggage.


On 5/3/2012 9:02 AM, kugellagers wrote:
I will probably be going to Anchorage, AK for a week on a business trip
and want to bring my Tecsun PL-380 with external 7.5" loopstick and some
extra wire to hook up a quick external longwire that I can throw out the
hotel window/balcony etc if available. This might include 20 ft of
RG-174, 30 ft of 20 awg wire for antenna and a few other minor things
like electrical tape, clip leads etc..

Anyone ever do carry-on with this kind of stuff in their suitcase? Any
issues? Would it be better to check the one bag (probably my only bag
other than backpack)? Any issues with this stuff in checked baggage?

I can only imagine what these things might look like in the x-ray at the
security check points. Wire rapped around a cylindrical object.

Any tips for DX'ing in Anchorage? Any chance of picking up TP BCB from
there? I might try to NDB DX as well. Only 41 AM BCB stations in AK and
only a few more over the border in Yukon Territory.I know there are
mountains to the East and N...and it will be light until probably 10pm.

But I will have time after the days work is done...



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