Re: ULR DX Season winding down.........

Gary DeBock

Richard and Rob,

You guys have both had phenomenal Ultralight DXing results recently,
and certainly are deserving of a break. With 1000 AM stations heard on
ULR's, you both are entitled to a leisurely, relaxing summer (and I
know that Rob shivered with me through the winter, too, chasing NDB's
outside in the freezing cold). But it may surprise you both that summer
is the most productive time for both AM and Longwave DXing here.

A weird quirk in propagation makes summer the best time to chase South
Pacific AM and Longwave DX on Pacific Ocean beaches, and I wish that
you could both experience the thrill of how the bands miraculously
change from static-filled wastelands into DXing paradises for a few
short hours around sunrise on high cliffs overlooking the Pacific surf.
If you hit it just right, Australia and New Zealand can both boom in
like locals, right in the middle of July and August.

When John Bryant first told me about this, it sounded like science
fiction... but if anything, he was understating the excitement. The new
FSL antennas (high gain and highly portable) have made Ultralight
radios pretty competitive DU-DXing machines on their frequency of
choice, and unlike multi-element arrays or beverages, they can be set
up on the highest of cliffs. Recently-developed models have the gain of
a 9-foot box loop crammed into one cubic foot of space, with a
"footprint" of only one cubic yard (on their 5' PVC bases). I wish that
both of you could enjoy at least one of these Summer Supercharged DXing
sessions... you might change your attitude about the season :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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On 2012-04-30, at 7:33 PM, RichardA wrote:


I wouldn't worry much about me. My favorite time day for DXing is
around sunrise, but it's about that time year when the sun is up before
me. Usually at the end of the day I too tired to DX and fall asleep bu
sunset. So until August I won't be doing much AM DXing until August.
Hopefully their is lots of e-skip and tropo this year to fill the gap.

Good DX.


Same here Richard............I won't be doing much AM BCB DXing with
the ULRs as the FM/TV Season is just starting to get going here. Once
the E-Skip and Tropo starts going Crazy......I find it hard to pry
myself away from that!!

I don't use the ULRs for FM DXing however. With 2,154 FM Stations
Logged to date...I just can't force myself to start from scratch with
the ULRs. When things are hopping with gotta bag 'em as
quick as you can, and the RDS/HD Capabilities of the Big Rigs make it
so much easier to ID Stations!! I have a 50 Foot Tower and a HUGE FM
Beam, an APS-14, 14 Element FM Beam ...which also helps pull in the DX.

Looks like we may both be sitting stagnant on AM over the Summer....and
we'll get back to the Dials in Late August or September........

Have Fun with the FM DX!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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