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I finally got the opportunity to give my Guy Atkins highly-modded Eton
E100 a good tryout at Arch Cape on the Oregon coast when I stayed
several days at my sister's house there! On Friday morning (12/19) it
was snowing so I stayed indoors, and all my subsequent catches were
made in the front living room facing the ocean (great view, of course!).

Guy installed a CFJ455K5 Murata filter in the E100, mounted it on a
Slik tripod, and adapted a Stormwise 16.8" X 1.0" ferrite rod antenna
to the radio using a cool slider coil. The sensitivity of this radio
is surpassed only by its selectivity, and the tripod allows a
full-range of motion for such tricks as tilting of the antenna for the
last bit of nulling on a co-channel station. I am very "grateful" to
be alive and using this very, very capable DXer! Here is a quick
sampling of my log:

E100 Monster Slider:
774 JOUB Akita, Japan 12/19/08, 1442 UTC, M&F dialogue (Eng/Japanese),
Loud and Clear!
828 JOBB Osaka, Japan 12/19/08, 1502 UTC, Male speaking Japanese, good
594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan 12/19/08, 1503 UTC, M&F dialogue (Eng/Japanese)
Strong Signal!
693 JOAB Tokyo, Japan 12/19/08, 1504 UTC, Male speaking Japanese, Loud!
1566 HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea 12/19/08, 1508 UTC, Male speaking Korean,
Loud & Clear!

567 JOIK, NHK1, Japan 12/19/08, 1515 UTC, M&F dialogue, Strong Signal
693 JOAB, Japan 12/19/08, 1520 UTC, Male speaking, Loud & Clear reception!
774 JOUB Akita, Japan 12/19/08 1541 UTC, Female Speaking, Loud &
Clear/@1603 UTC, Keyboard playing "How Dry I am."
774 JOUB Akita, Japan 12/20/08 1440 UTC, M&F dialogue (Eng/Japanese)
conversation about real estate properties to show.
1575 VOA Ban Rason, Thailand, 1455 UTC, male speaking, Loud & Clear,
fading by 1511.

Barefoot Sony SRF-T615
1467 HLKN Korea 12/19/08 0400 UTC – Blowtorch on Friday evening!
594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan 12/20/08, 1530 UTC, men speaking Japanese; very
good music audio and stringed musical instrument (Koto?) strumming
single notes.
774 JOUB Akita, Japan 12/20/08, 1510 UTC, M&F dialogue, Loud & Clear
828 JOBB Osaka, Japan 12/20/08, 1513 UTC, man speaking, Great audio,
which faded out by 1518.
1566 HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea 12/20/08, 1519 UTC, woman speaking Korean,
fair audio
1575 VOA Thailand, 1526 UTC, barely audible but understandable, as
E100 Slider had it Loud & Clear at same time.

73, Norm Clark, Monmouth, OR

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