Station #1000 heard on 4/27/12


I was able to log station #1000 on my barefoot Sony SRF-T615.

1100 UTC 880 kHz XEPNK, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México (2 kW @ 1611 km / 1001 mi). Heard at 1100 with woman saying "ochenta ocho A M", the national anthem of México at 1100-1102, and the recently adopted anthem of Sinaloa at 1102-1104. A brief, mostly unreadable announcement by woman at 1104, followed by a woman singing romantic song at 1105. I listened until 1132. The signal strength was poor with moderate QRM from Grupo Fórmula station XEV. Also slight QRM from KRVN.

After four years and one month, XEPNK became ULR station #1000 (#989 barefoot), México #181 and Sinaloa #13.

From rural northern Oklahoma I've been able to hear stations in 19 countries on four continents using an Ultralight. I've yet to hear any signals from Oceania or South America.

My furthermost reception is HLAZ, 1566 kHz, Jeju, Republic of Korea, at 11004 km / 6838 miles. Using a barefoot receiver it is JOGB, 873 kHz, Kumamoto, Japan, at 10820 km / 6723 miles.

My original intent was never to see how many stations I could log with an Ultralight Radio. It simply evolved in that direction as I continued to listen. Originally it was the challenge of hearing signals from Asia and Europe on a pocket size receiver. That first occurred a few months later when I heard JOUB, Akita, Japan, on 747 kHz. Hearing faint Japanese talk here in Oklahoma on a tiny SRF-T615 receiver that first time remains the most exciting moment in this adventure. I think the only thing that could possibly beat it would be to hear Australia.

Along the way I had the opportunity of knowing two fantastic Oklahoman radio hobbyist who are sadly no longer with us. And many more due to the internet. My thanks to all who have offered advice and encouragement.

Best wishes and good DX.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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