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Not sure if this is the same problem, but for general cleaning of my PL200 with a hard plastic case, Windex sprayed onto a tissue, then wiping the radio does well for fingerprints, etc. Over time, it can get a little cruddy looking.

Paul S. in CT

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I haven't had the problem with the E-100 yet, but I have with other radios,
particularly an old Radio Shack 440 HT with that finish. Be careful what
you try to clean it with, as I found that some things made it worse. I
think in the end I used a Belkin screen cleaning wipe and then gave it a
good massage with a microfiber cloth afterwards.

--Neil W2NDG

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 11:11 AM, James A. (Andy) Moorer <
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Does anybody else have this problem?
My favorite E100 (and my E10 and E1) has this nice, hard grey plastic case.
Over the years, it seems to be getting sticky to the touch. Not only
that, it picks up lint and dirt now that it didn't when I got it.
The unit is over 5 years old. It still works great, but it feels like
the sticky side of duct tape.
Anybody else have this problem? Is there any fix for it?

James A. (Andy) Moorer


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