Re: ULR Station #400 Heard


Congratulations, Kirk!! For a kid with no talent at DXing, you are doing
quite well! (He is one of the finer DXers I've known.... very talented at
the dials!)

We are in Ft. Worth at our daughter's to enjoy the holidays with she and
her family. Real sorry that you can't make it to your son's.... may a
heavily disguised Santa surproise you at work!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

John Bryant

I'm happy to report station #400 made its way into my headphones this

morning. About a month ago when I nailed #300, Rob Ross told me that
now I could shoot for 400 by the end of the year. I truly didn't
believe I could pull it off. Well...somehow it happened anyway
despite my thinking.

900, KPYN, Atlanta, TX, 1305, 12/23, faded up to a good lvl abt a
minute before the ID by a southern accented M ancr...and I DO mean
Southern with a capital S! Ancd several phone numbers to call for
their trading post pgm (area code 903). Lcl wx, high today of 61, that sounds good. Birthday greetings announced to what
I speculate might have been the entire population of Atlanta, ha ha.
By the way, Atlanta is in the extreme NE corner of TX, very close to
both AR and LA.

I'd like to send my best wishes to everyone here for a Merry
Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year. Here's to 2008, it's
been a good year. I hadn't had this much radio fun in about 15 years.
Thank you to all who participate here sharing their tech insight and
DX saavy.
Merry Christmas,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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