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Alex P

Haven't tried your specific solution but it is known in certain engineering sub-specialties that more grounding area, even if it's via distributed capacitance like your 50 ft of buried coax, is generally better or an adjunct improvement than say a single 6 or 8 ft ground rod.

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I recently ran a new 500 foot spool of 'dog fence' wire as a BOG, and connected it to a 9:1 balun. To get across my lawn, I buried about 50 feet of the co-ax feed line. My original plan last Fall was to install a ground rod at the co-ax end, but the earth was still frozen at first. However, the antenna seems to work very well both in signal strength and S/N ratio compared to my previous temporary 500 foot BOG antennas.
When searching on line web sites of successful DXers using various Beverage type antennas, I noticed several who report burying the co-ax for 50 feet or more makes a better ground than rods anyway. So I thought I would ask here if others have tried it.- FARMERIK

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