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neilkaz <neilkaz@...> has all the info for this station. Like you, I DX almost exclusively at sunset and don't DX nearly enough at sunrise. Early Apr can be a decent time for domestic SS/SR DX. I have to try more SR DX before SR becomes really early. I haven't been very active since the March AU ended due to a variety of health issues made worse by horrendous allergies with this early spring here in the midwest.

With as much time as I spend on DX, I find it worthwhile to spend the 90 bucks to subscribe to They aren't perfect, especially for ethnic stns, but they're very well kept up. I do have to write them to tell than that WPBS 1040 GA has been Korean for at least a couple of years.

73 KAZ

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Thank you Neil,

That explains whe I never heard them before the last few days as I almost
exclusively listen from Sunset to late evening/early morning. I rarely ever
listen at sunrise except for in the Jeep.

The signal was so strong yesterday I brought my PL-380 with me this morning and
could barely hear them on it when the loopstick was facing southest'ish. This
was from my 5th floor office in Golden.

Everything I could find about KVTT was that they are a defunct Christian station
that changed to country and then Tejano back in 2010. After that I find almost

It being the KVTT transmitter explains why I can get them coming in over KFAB at
times. KVTT would be on their 50kw daytime power at 7am my time (MDT)and
certainly could fade in strongly at sunrise/greyline.

Thanks, again!


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