ULR LWBC and NDB DX, Monday morning

Steve Ratzlaff

Some decent morning Pacific conditions this morning, first noted on the "big radio and outside antennas", so went upstairs and listened on the ULR and FSL. LWBC Far East Russia Radio Rossii heard on both 153 and 279. 153 is new for the ULR and FSL. 530 Alaska beacon on Adak unusually strong too, and added that for a new NDB. Also heard on even the lowest point (620) LF FSL.

153 LWBC Far East Russia, Radio Rossii, new frequency, 4/2/12 1259 with TOH pips at 1300 utc.
279 LWBC Radio Rossii same time, relog
530 ADK ALS Adak, 2637 miles, 4/2/12 1255 utc, #332

NE Oregon
PL-380, 10.25" LF FSL for 153 and 279 LWBC; 4.4", 5", 10.25", 15" LF FSLs for 530 ADK

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