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This was the idea behind Degen DE321, and Tecsun R-2010 which has so far failed to appear.


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IMHO the super-replacement DSP AM/SW/FM will be mechanically tuned without a digital display, having a standard Class AB speaker output.
Digital displays are creating shielding problems that are not/can not be solved. Take a R-911 and put the DSP chip in it, replacing a lot of hardware, keeping the audio amp for the speaker. Call it a D-911.

Paul S. in CT

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More info:

Apparently the radio is "hopeless" on MW and a mixed bag on FM.


I guess Paul many of us DE1103 owners are waiting patiently for the "super replacement" that right now never seems to come !!!
The DE1128 I am thinking was supposed to be a new improved FM version with mixed results.
Oh well, "no free lunch" again.

best wishes

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