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Jay this rings very true. I have recently looked at the specs of the newer SI chips, and they are showing a very stubby ferrite rod as being acceptable. Its about consumers: not enthusiasts.

Paul S. in CT

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One thing I have difficulty with is their statement that the DE1128 is a "milestone product after DE1103", yet its AM is "barely adequate" and the FM/SW are described as "sufficient". The DE-1103/KA-1103/E5/G5 group of radios have excellent reception for their size/price range and so far I see no heir seems that the persuit of features is of far greater concern than basic performance.


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Hi there:

The Chinese Degen DE1128 only support LCD language in Chinese (both traditional & simplified version) & Russia and MW is fixed on 9 KHz...

The radio is a multi-purpose device incorporating receiver, MP3 player, digital recorder and music box functions.

Accordingly to Chinese website, it is supposed to be a milestone product after DE1103. The interface is similar to DE1126 with an additional speaker and numeric keypad to allow direct frequency entry...

The receiver is optimised for FM stereo listening with RDS support. FM coverage from 64-108 MHz, MW from 522-1710 KHz. SW from 2.3 to 23 MHz. A microSD card slot is available for additional storage.

FM & SWBCL for major broadcasters are sufficient on this small radio with whip antenna only, though MW is barely adequate. Volume control from 0 to 31 level but no treble & bass functions unlike other DSP come with variable bandwith control.

The dual speaker system giving crisp and clear sound suitable for both indoor & outdoor hearing. Connectivity to computer for downloading of files and for lithium battery charging is a fast & easy.

This latest offering from Degen 112X smart-radio series is definitely a step ahead of other like the Tecsun PL398MP & Anjan DTS-13... especially with the computer-based control interface which allow user to change the setting at a touch of the button.

All-in-all, this mobile device that may define the future of radio listening...


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Yes, the Chinese Degen DE1128 will support the LCD language in Chinese,
Japanese, Russia and Korean only, and will take the design actions to
prevent installing the other brand name firmware on it...

- Tao Qu


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I had a nice email from Tao Qu (tquchina on Ebay) about availability of
Degen DE1128 on ebay. Here is his reply:

"The Chinese Degen DE1128 will not be suitable in USA because the MW band is
fixed on 9 kHz (no 10 kHz support), and the panel labels and the LCD display
no English ... this is the request from Eton/Grundig to protect their own G2

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