Re: Anybody know a quiet mid-atlantic area?

Claudio Leite

* Claudio Leite (cpleite@...) wrote:
Thanks, folks. Looks like the eastern shore of MD is the place to go.
I'll take a trip to Assateague Island State Park on Sunday. The MW scan
map is totally blank for a pretty big radius. The website says it's open
year-round and you can park by the beach.
Hm, well, I had very little luck there. It was too windy and cold to
stand outside (couldn't manipulate ULR controls with gloves on) and from
inside the car I didn't manage anything I hadn't already heard at home.
Lots of loud hets on the car radio, though, but that only tunes on 10khz
steps. As I figured, Philadelphia, NY and Toronto were very strong.

Thankfully it was a nice trip aside from the lack of success.


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