new logs

Carl DeWhitt

I logged 6 new stations since my last post yesterday but only one long
haul catch though.
CJBC 860 Toronto,Ontario,Canada.1943-2003 EST on 12.21.08.French
language talk and french pop music.'Ici Radio Canada" i.d. into
presumed news.fair to poor.
One other log of note was as follows:
WEBS 1030 Calhoun,Ga.0915-0925 on 12.22.08.Tidy Vacation Rentals ad.pop
music.i.d."Great hits back to back.1030 WEBS ,Calhoun" poor to fair.5kw
day time.
Station totals here in Tennessee are now at 236.These logs were on the
SRF-59 aided by the Select-A-Tenna.
73 and good dx.
Carl DeWhitt

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