GS Ultralight Loggings Dec. 21, 2008

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight loggings for Sun. Dec. 21, 2008. All stations logged from Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.

Three more stations added to the ultralight log, including the third Cuban. Total ultralight count: 230.

570 CMDC Radio Reloj CUBA Santa Clara - 21-Dec-2008 0805 UTC - Nothing heard except the Morse code "RR" identifier, which I heard several times over a span of 15 minutes. 30 kW. Eton E-100 (Very Poor).
--> New station for the overall log. A long time ago I logged R. Rebelde on this freq from Santa Clara, but not R. Reloj.

1650 CINA ON Mississauga - 21-Dec-2008 2030 UTC - Brand new station playing South Asian music. IDs included phone number (416-777-1650) and request for listeners to call the station. ID as "CINA Radio" with CINA pronounced like "Seena". At 2200 ID included statement "This is CINA Radio, for thinking persons who are proud to be South Asians". Supposedly 1 kW but a lot weaker than that would indicate - maybe not at full power yet? Sangean DT-400W (Fair)
--> New station for the overall log.

1360 WKYO MI Caro - 21-Dec-2008 2228 UTC - ID and weather forecast. 1 kW. Sangean DT-400W (Very Poor).

Greg Shoom

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