New Toronto area radio station

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

For the mediumwave DXers out there: CINA 1650, Mississauga, Ontario, is now on the air. I heard them this afternoon playing south asian music and making periodic IDs with the station telephone number. The NRC station log has them located in Mississuaga, but the telephone number is a Toronto one (416 area code). This station is supposedly 1 kW but it sounded pretty weak to me. Maybe they're not on full power yet? I think they must have just recently come on the air - I haven't heard them before. The station is IDing as "CINA Radio", with CINA being pronounced like "seena". All the talk I heard was in English, but all the music was south asian.

So, another DX target for you folks, and yet another frequency now blocked for me by a local or semi-local station.

Greg S.

$ Greg Shoom - shoom@...
$ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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