2 new logs today

Carl DeWhitt

I logged 2 new ones on SRF-59 with Select-A-Tenna today.
WZAP 690-Bristol,Va. 1427-1445 EST on 12.21.08.Southern Gospel mx from
Crossbeat program,i.d."Serving the mountain empire since 1982,we,re 690
WZAP"plus a later i.d. with location.Christmas mx. good
WGCR-720-Pisgah Forrest,N.C. 1553-1600 EST on 12.21.08 Antioch Church
broadcast from ? North Carolina,Christmas Heritage moment, and
i.d."This is WGCR am 720 ,Pisgah Forrest,N.C." local area wx sponsored
by Wolf Creek Baptist Church.fair-poor in semi-local WLIL splatter.
Both stations are 10 kw.
Station totals here now are at 230 stations.
To whoever posted the fmscan.org site:Thanks !From the am scan
section ,i printed out a list of 185 stations that should be audible
here all within 270 km of here.There were 133 stations on the list that
i had not logged.That is now at 131 stations.There are lot more targets
left to hear from less than 200 miles away.Just logging these would
give me a total of over 300 stations.The list will be very helpful in
ading to my totals i am sure.
73 and good dx,
Carl DeWhitt

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