Re: Coupling an un tuned amplified loop antenna to a DSP ultralight

Steve Ratzlaff

Any such ferrite coupler only needs a small amount of inductance to work well at MW. For example, the ferrite coupler supplied with the CCrane Twin Coil antenna, about 2" long probably for the internal ferrite, measures only 24 uH.
Any type of wire, Litz or magnet wire, would work fine. Performance such as Q isn't any issue, just having enough inductance to couple. Apparently CCrane found only a small inductance worked fine.  (And rod or bar should work equally well.)

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That's very interesting info Tudor. So looks like a Ferrite Bar or Ferrite Rod Antenna Coil is all that may be needed for this type of Longwire Antenna Coupling.  

I have 3  left over 140 mm / 5.5 inch Ferrite Rods, as well as some 62 mm and 100mm Ferrite Bars left over from previous FSL construction.  I wonder if some experimental 300 - 550 uH Inductance Ferrite Coupler Coils could be wound on these spare Ferrite Bars or Ferrite Rods using 100/44  or 40/44  Litz wire and then used as a Ferrite Longwave Coupler to the 50 ohm coax from my outside 25 Meter (80 Ft) Longwire Antenna?    

Maybe that  thin 40/44 Litz Wire that Steve R  and Gary DeBock mentioned on previous 7.5 Inch Loopstick Designs might work?

Steve, Gary, others, (if you have time) any ideas?

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The coupler is not active, it's a simple ferrite coil. There is nothing to tune. You connect the coupler to the antenna and then place it near the radio.


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