Overnight (12-21-08)


I finally snagged a station in Washington last evening on a barefoot

I was trying to hear KIRO on 710 kHz, but QRM from Radio Rebelde
caused me to give up. I moved on up to 1000 kHz where I heard, at
0009 UTC, a man (in studio) talking to a woman reporter about a snow
storm and high winds in the area, including the mountains. She also
mentions travel on Highway 18. She was followed by a male reporter
talking about the affects of the storm on events and shopping. The
signal suddenly faded to barely audible, under nearby KTOK, at 0012,
and was inaudible by 0013. A check of the KOMO website found there
was a significant snow storm in the Seattle area. That led me to the
Washington state DOT site that showed Highway 18 is in the Seattle
metro area. FCC site indicated local sunset, hence change from
daytime to night pattern, is 0015 UTC.

I've learned more about Washington geography since than I knew before.

Later, I heard a weather forecast from CKWX 1130, Vancouver BC, for
snow in the city and warning of blizzard conditions in the mountains.
The temperature was -8° (17° F).

I was surprised to hear KSLL 1080, Price UT, under pest KRLD, at 0650
paying Christmas music, with an ID "KSLL" at 0700, followed by a two-
minute ABC newscast. I was surprised because KSLL is a daytime
station, although they do have Critical Hours authorization. Then I
heard them again this morning at 1300-1306 through the KRLD signal.

I hope everyone stayed warm overnight. I know it's warmer here than
where most of you are listening, but I felt -12.5° (9° F) was a dang
bit cold.

Good DX, and remember headphones will keep your ears warm.

Richard Allen,
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK)

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