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Carl DeWhitt

--- Because i was running out of time on this post,i forgot to
mention that they were all with a Sony SRF-59.Both barefoot and
Select-A-Tenna configurations were used.
WXIC 660 is 1 KW.
Carl DeWhitt
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My am stations totals here in east Tennessee are now at 227 all
on a combination of a Eton E-100 or Sony SRF-59 with Select-A-Tenna
Here are the latest logs since my last post.
WCKA -810-Jacksonville,Al. 0857-0905 EST on 12.18.08 with
i.d. 'Alabama
810 is WCKA,Jacksonville"Central Alabama Community College and
ads.fair to very poor at fade out.
WAIK-1590 Galesburg,Il.1658-1705 EST on 12.18.08 Dave Ramsey
Show,insurance ad and i.d."1590,WAIK,Galesburg.ABC nx. fair-poor.
WAUK 540 Jackson,Wi 1855-1914 EST on 1218.08
i.d."WAUK,Jackson,Milwaukee,s ESPN 540' national and local
to very poor.Wi no.3 400 watts per FCC.
XEMU 580 Piedras Negras,Coahuila,Mexico.2101-2111 ESt on 12.18.08
full i.d. and La Racherita slogan.Announcements in SS.XE no.4.poor-
very poor.
WXIC 660 Waverly,Ohio 0859-0907 EST on 12.19.08 full i.d. and local
ads.ABC nx.fair to very poor.

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