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Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Jerry,
All metal frame caps have the frame connections as part of the frame. Just because your cap has a plastic cover, you can use your DMM or the resistance part of your LCR meter to determine which points go to the frame. I usually connect them together with a piece of buss wire but any sort of stout wire will work. I show both gangs connected together plus the two frame points connected together, with 660/46 Litz connected to them to show how I do things. There's nothing unusual or hard about doing it!


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Thanks for the reply Everett.  Looks like soldering the 660/46 Litz wire to those small contact tabs on the Varicap will be a real challenge. Guess I will try to Tin the FSL Coil Leads & try One or Both Gangs together.


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Glad you finally got them. The two tabs running down the center are the ground contacts and are connected to the rotor. The gang nearest the front shaft is 10-505 pf and its contact is on the side, to the front. The other gang, 15-480 pf, is the back one and its contact tab is to the rear and on the side. So to hook it up, connect one of the wires from your FSL to either of the center tabs. The other wire, for best LW coverage, would connect to both of the side tabs (This will give you 25-985 pf). If you are just wanting to cover MW, then use one of the center tabs and the front side tab (This will give you 10-505 pf). I cant remember what the upper band frequency was, if it is high enough then you maybe able to leave both gangs in parallel all of the time. You will just have to experiment to see what coverage you will get.
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This is likely for Everett S or Steve R.   I recently received my 2 - multiturn Dual Air Variable Capacitors 505pF / 480pF (with rotation reducer drive built in)  from ICI Electronics in Sofia, Bulgaria. I would like to know what is the best or suggested way to wire out this Dual Gang Varicap for best Low End Longwave and Medium Wave High End Performance on my FSL.
4 Small Wiring Lugs on 505pF / 480pF Dual Gang Varicap:
That is, I know one side of my FSL's Coil  will be wired to the Varicap's Frame, but there are  also 2 small wiring Lugs in the Middle, and 2 Lugs on one Side of this Variable Capacitor. For  Dual Gang operation do the 2 Side Lugs need to be wired together?   To clarify I will try to attach 2 pictures.
Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated.

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