Re: Argentina on 1620

Paul Logan

Hi Huelbe,

at 0233 UTC it is playing the Beatles "Please Please Me" OM dj, weak.

huelbe_garcia@... wrote:
Hi Paul,
can you describe what kind of programming you heard? If we can confirm that, it's a nice DX!
I live next to Argetina (south Brazil) and there is an station on 1620 really strong. I learnt it relays an FM and programming and is basically popular rock music from 70s to 90s. It is called "Universo".
This station is located in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
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Subject: [ultralightdx] Argentina on 1620

Hey All,

which Argentine station on 1620 really "gets out" weak on the srf59 with a one two foot loop.

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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