Re: 5" Mini-FSL Antenna- "Heathkit" Construction Article


Since Litz wire cost is significant, has anybody experimented with
a dual-use sleeve antenna using only one coil, but with switchable
fixed capacitor(s)? The idea is to use the MW coil plus 1 or 2
fixed capacitors to tune LW without the expense of more Litz wire.
How much would that degrade performance relative to building a full
LW coil instead?

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Hello All,

The 5" Mini-FSL was the first of several compact, AM-only antennas that
were developed for those DXers who thought that FSL models were either
too expensive, too complicated, or both. It was designed to be simple,
effective, easy to build-- and cost only about $90 in part purchases
(photo attached). After having been tested against various air core
loops in an outdoor environment, the tiny model really exceeded
expectations-- deadlocking in weak-signal performance with a full-sized
4-foot air core box loop (the antenna of the August 2010 Oregon coast

In an effort to make assembly of the tiny FSL antenna as simple as
possible, a special, 10-page construction manual has been prepared,
patterned after the famous Heathkit assembly manuals of the last
century. In a step going beyond the Heathkit manuals, multiple
Photoshop-enhanced assembly pictures are included in the article,
showing each assembly step in a clear way. Assembly of the model has
also been made as simple as possible-- all of the parts are readily
available on the open market, and most of them have been stockpiled
here. Pre-cut kits of the PVC frame parts have been prepared, which are
available at cost (along with the other parts, as long as supplies
last). The tiny FSL was designed to be a DXing thriller, and for those
still "on the fence" about giving new antenna design a try, the perfect
introduction to a exciting new DXing experience

Thanks very much to Rob Ross of London, Ontario for his generous gift
of 140mm x 8mm ferrite rods to develop this (and other) mini-FSL
models, and to Dave Kellmer of Portland, OR, for providing a generous
supply of the Funnoodle (soft) inner core material. Hopefully this
compact new antenna will provide a major boost in each builder's hobby

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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