7.5" Slider Loopstick DT-200VX Created-- Equals Slider E100's in Sensitivity

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     In preparation for making an ultra-sensitive Sangean DT-400W model, an experimental loopstick consisting of a movable coil of 40/44 Litz wire was wound on an Amidon type 61 7.5" ferrite bar, and transplanted into a Sangean DT-200VX model (which has the same loopstick as the DT-400W).  The result was another ultra-sensitive radio, with weak-signal capability exceeding that of the stock ICF-2010 and E1, and equal to that of the new Slider E100's.
     The DT-200VX/ DT-400W stock coil system consists of a base coil of .196 microhenry inductance (at the 600 kHz peak position on the ferrite bar), and a smaller "piggybacked" coil of .016 microhenries.  The piggybacked coil is wound on the side of the base coil closest to the center position of the ferrite bar.
     Initial tests at night revealed equal sensitivity with the new Slider E100 radios, which have become very popular among the Ultralight enthusiast group.  Two weak nighttime signals were used to check this-- the Yakima TIS on 1610 kHz, and the INE beacon on 521 kHz.
     Despite the supremely high sensitivity, the Slider DT-200VX lacks the relative signal strength bar graph of the E100, making the coil peaking strictly an audio judgement task.  It also lacks the E100's ability to tune in 1 kHz increments, making it unlikely to compete with the new Slider E100's in popularity among transoceanic DXers.  As might be expected, the selectivity with the stock IF filter is also a shade less favorable than the Slider-only E100, matching the relative selectivity performance of the stock models.  However, for those with dreams of making their Sangean DT-200VX or DT-400W models ultra-sensitive for supreme weak signal DXing, the new Slider DT-200VX is an exciting reality.
     73,  Gary DeBock    (in frozen Puget Sound, WA)

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