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robert ross

At 03:49 PM 4/7/2008, you wrote:

Hi all,

my thirty days are up and what fun it has been - thanks to Rob Ross for
the inspiration.

Not only have new stations been logged but my interest in MW has been
totally reinvigorated.

After 300 I got lazy and didnt put in as much time as I might have liked
- I was also messing around with loops.

The final tally was 316 stations logged barefoot from 55 DXCC countries.

Way to go Paul...I knew you could do it!! Congratulations on obtaining your
goal and then some!! The best part of the whole exercise is that you had
fun....and that's the bottom line of this whole hobby...without the's just another job!!

A very impressive list of stuff heard too........much more exotic than my
300 was I'm afraid to say.

Good luck on the next 100 and each 100 after that. I'm stuck at 450...and
with the lessening conditions here lately....may be there for a while. Also
spending more time outside and away from the radio now that the nice
weather is here.....

It will be interesting to see just how many stations can be logged on an
Ultralight over the next few years......who knows??? Is 1,000 stations
possible???? We'll find out in time I guess......

Once again Paul...good work on the 300 in 30 days!


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