Re: The SRF-39FP Slider loopstick-- Optimism Slides Away

Gary DeBock

Hi John,
     Thanks for your comments.  The SRF-39FP Slider project was probably irrelevant anyway, since until we can find a way to upgrade selectivity in the Sony analog units, these highly sensitive Amidon SRF-39FP's will be useful only on relatively clear frequencies-- a poor choice, compared to the fully-modified E100's.
     A DT-400W Slider project is definitely planned here for the winter, in which piggybacked 40/44 Litz wire coils are shifted along a Type 61 Amidon 7.5" ferrite bar.  My guess is that it will equal the E100 Sliders in sensitivity, although it's doubtful that we can find any 450 kHz IF filter that will provide a selectivity upgrade to compare with the phenomenal 455 kHz Murata filters in the fully-modified E100's.  There are some modest 450 kHz filters that Guy has tried in the DT-200VX (and a 450 kHz DT-400W filter project posted on that might at least provide a moderate selectivity boost, in addition to the presumed massive sensitivity boost provided by slider loopstick.  Without 1 kHz tuning resolution, the fully-modified DT-400W's will probably not compete seriously with the Monster E100's, but they should at least be interesting enough to keep fanatical tinkerers from complaining about the bad TP conditions during the winter doldrums :>)
     John, I still have a "Slider-only" E100 here, and really enjoy using it during domestic DX, and on daytime band scans in unfamiliar locations.  The Slider-only E100 would be a real blast for domestic DXers, combining great sensitivity with outstanding audio fidelity.  Unless the user is a hard-core transoceanic DX chaser (or an urban dweller with many troublesome locals), it may well be the ideal hot-rodded Ultralight.
     73,  Gary

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