Radio Corporacion, Managua 540 kHz on E100 Slider

Brandon Jordan <>

Tonight is the first real chance I have had to do much listening on the newly built E100 Slider. When tuning up the band from 530 kHz a little after 0300 UTC, I noticed a very strong, low frequency het on 540 kHz from presumed perennial off-frequency Radio Corporacion in Managua, Nicaragua (usually around 540.16 kHz). I tuned back right before the bottom of the hour to find Radio Corporacion dominant on the frequency with the ending of a lively studio talk program, including one high pitched guy with a really goofy laugh. Then a few clear Radio Corporacion ID's into what sounded like a string of program promos, including clear mentions of Pancho Madrigal, a program I have heard on this station a few times in the past. Station faded back down at 0335m and then another strong peak at 0350 with ballads and a male announcer with TC's and mentions of Managua between songs. This is my first official Ultralight log!


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