Life Back to Normal After the Ice Storm

Guy Atkins

What's rarer than significant snow in the Seattle area? Ice storms! The weather forecasters here completely missed seeing that an "ice event" was going to develop on the heels of our snow storm that swept in from the southwest on Wednesday evening:  Why Giant Ice Storm Fooled Forecasters 

We were without power at my home in Puyallup for 59 hours. It finally returned Saturday night at 9 pm. I used a generator to keep the fridge and a small space heater running, and a natural gas fireplace in the family room helped keep things bearable.

We had a tough time getting any sleep Wednesday night as the loud cracking and snapping from the breaking trees around us kept us awake during the ice storm. The mess continued well into Thursday. More than once I saw full grown trees crashing to the ground, and smaller trees bent over like candy canes. Check out this link to three photos I took of the street we live on, about three blocks from our house:

As you'd expect, the bands were extremely quiet during the outage. At one point during midday I checked long wave on the Perseus SDR and the signal meter didn't even budge at all! I was even receiving WWV on 2.5 MHz at 2 p.m. indoors on a Eton E100 portable on the whip antenna... at a decent signal level in fact. 

It was good to learn that my Puyallup DXing pal Gary survived this unexpected storm OK, too!



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