The First Ultralight Graveyard DX Award Conferred on Rob Ross!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

I have just completed processing two very difficult to achieve awards for Rob Ross of Ontario.  The most newsworthy is conferring the very FIRST Ultralight Graveyard DX Award on Rob.  He qualified not at the first plateau of that award (30 stations heard) but rather at the second level, FORTY Graveyard Stations heard with an Ultralight radio of the Unlimited Class.

Rob's second award was for Three Continents Heard (N & S America + Europe.) The latter is quite an accomplishment at Rob's decidedly inland site with any receiver, much less an Unlimited Ultralight.


I doubt that anyone else has yet heard 40 Graveyarders with our limited equipment, but I'll bet that several people are approaching 30 Stations Heard.... check your log!

John Bryant
for The Awards Committee

This Award is one of an extensive group of awards certificates available from the Ultralight MW DXing Awards Committee. Each recipient receives a digital file which may be used for electronic display or is suitable for framing when printed at 8 12" x 11" on good quality paper. Information on the Awards Program and the simple application procedures are found in the Downloads>Ultralight Files area of

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