Re: Monday Evening New Stations

Carl DeWhitt

--- Kirk:
Nice going on all those XE stations !I miss that here.I hear a lot of
Cubans.But i have heard only 3 XE stations here so far.It seems the
Canadians do a better job making it in here so far.I remember hearing
WCRV when i was back in Oklahoma but not on a ULR.The west part of
Tennessee is difficult here in east Tennessee.I do a better job with
the nearby states ,so far,than with the distant other side of the
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I hope everyone is staying warm this Winter. The guys in the north
have nothing on us down here in Oklahoma. With this latest blast of
Arctic air, we've been just as cold here as some areas way north of
us have been.

Carl, way to go on your double coverage of WI. I just recently
the Disney station up there (WKSH, 1640) for the first time. Also
Greg, Robert, John B, Richard A, and everyone that is continuing to
log new stations, GOOD GOING. Rob, that's cool that you are
still "digging up" those new stations on the GY freqs! As far as
numbers are concerned, I'm weak in that area of Ultralighting.

Here's a few loggings from last evening. Thanks to John nad Richard
for the tips on most of these stations, all hrd on the Eton E-100
slider. (Times/dates in UTC)

1140, CHRB, High River, Alberta, 0346-0430 UTC, 12/16, Very pretty
vcl mx hrd. "Back to the Bible" pgm. They played one of my favorite
Christian songs, "Give Thanks (With a Grateful Heart)". IDs as "AM
1140", so it took a while to get enough info to say this was the
station. Finally at 0428 they gave a phone number to call during a
promo listing area code 403 which matches.

1140, UNID XE, 0237-0310, 12/16, Another XE station was here mixing
with XEMR. It was hard to tell which of the stations I was hearing
any given time because they were, at times, of equal strength. I
some references to what I think was a slogan "...11-40..." I really
think it was XETE, Tehuacan, Pueblo but I'm not certain. I THINK it
was them that played some really decent pop mx and even one by
Twain with her great song, "Still the One."

690, XERG, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 0131-0230, 12/16, first started
checking this freq at 0007 UTC. Many ments of Monterrey and Nuevo
Leon. Taking phone calls in an all talk format when I listened.
Finally hrd a reference to "RG 6-90". At times mixing with what I
think was XEN. Surprisingly this one was dominant by 0200. XE #48

640, WCRV, Collierville, TN, 2230-2245, 12/15, hrd an entertaining
black preacher with a good sense of humor. I definitely got some
chuckles from this guy, short sta promo hrd. Night cut in power at
2245, and not heard after that.

1320, KELO, Souix Falls, SD, 2230-2240, 12/15, talk show, IDs hrd

1050, KLOH, Pipestone, MN, 2218-2230, 12/15, variety of mx played
from C&W to Christmas songs. ID 2222.

Take care, guys, and best of 73's to ya!
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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