Brandon's E100 Slider + mount

Brandon Jordan <>

I finally got all the pieces together to get started on building an E100 Slider and mount over the weekend. The radio mounted on Universal Radio "Mini Translucent Mount" and C.Craine "AM Radio Turntable". The ferrite rod is mounted on two plastic brackets that I found at the hardware store, no idea what they are or what they are used for. If anyone is interested then let me know and I will stop by hardware store and check and see what these things are actually named. I mounted two narrow lengths of 1/2" i.d. plastic tubing to the white brackets using super glue and it works perfectly to hold the rod securely in place. The two screws mounted above the radio were for a quick connect for the coil, but I think I will try another method. Still to be added is the external antenna pickup coil along with a BNC jack mount on the back of the stand. I also have plans for adding heavy duty rubber feet to the turntable, some sort of setting circle marked in 1 increments, along with mounting a small compass to aid in proper orientation. After new years the radio is off to Steve for the filter mod.

This mount was a breeze to put together once I found the white brackets to hold the ferrite rod and then figured out attaching short length of tube inside the semi-circle to actually mount the rod through. My initial thoughts were to hot glue the rod to the mount, but this method is worlds better. And if one wanted to eliminate as much metal as possible, the metals screws to bolt the ferrite rod mount brackets to the stand could easily be replaced with superglue.

Here is a link:


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