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Gary Kinsman

This is pretty amazing. Nice work.

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Hello All,

The 4" diameter "Mini FSL" (photo posted at ) is a tiny, AM-only model
weighing about 3 pounds. Although it is the smallest FSL built here and
was designed to cost only $75 in component purchases, it still uses the
high quality 660/46 Litz wire and "N50P" vernier drive variable cap
from Crystal Radio Supply. This afternoon there was a little to time
record the daytime DX signal boosts provided by this tiny new FSL to
weak AM fringe stations on a barefoot Tecsun PL-380 model here.

The very good news is that even this tiny FSL model can really
transform the experience of DXing with a portable radio, even full-sized
models like the Sony ICF-S5W and the Panasonic RF-2200. The links
below are for the daytime DX recordings of the barefoot PL-380's fringe
signal reception, followed by its reception when inductively boosted by
the 4" Mini FSL:

980-CJME (50 kw at 160 miles)... barefoot PL-380 for first 10 seconds

1040-CKST (10 kw at 160 miles)... barefoot PL-380 for first 12 seconds

1070-CFAX (10 kw at 90 miles) + UnID... barefoot PL-380 for first 12
seconds .

1520-KGDD (50 kw at 160 miles) + UnID... barefoot PL-380 for first 12

Further tests are planned this weekend to record the 4" and 5" Mini
FSLs' weak signal performance against the 2', 3' and 4' sided (air
core) PVC loops in the back yard. Hopefully these new FSL antennas
(both these, and those created by other experimenters) can provide a
major enthusiasm boost for Ultralight radio DXers, and for others in
the AM-DXing community.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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