ULTRALIGHT DX...Sunset Skip....2 NEW ONES Tonight!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Well...the Sledding was a little rougher here in London today for 2
Reasons. The temp got way above ZERO here and with the Pouring
Rain...everything is melting!! Also, the conditions just weren't as good as
they were yesterday when I logged 5 New Ones on ULR!!

One of these New Stations was Logged at Sunset...the other was just logged
a few minutes ago THANKS to a TIP from JIM RENFREW...who Got the TIP from
RICK SHAFTAN!! So...thanks to both of these guys for alerting me that WJOE
was ON LATE on 700 KHZ!! That was a most welcome Logging!!...and It's NEW
to the OVERALL Log here too!!

Radio used was....SONY SRF-T615 with 2 1/2 Foot Homebrew Tuneable Box Loop.

ULR LOG TOTALS are now...................577 Stations heard!

1480 WTOY Salem, VA. DEC/14/08 1615 EST EE GOOD
Long Religious talk by Man from SALEM, VA. @ 1615-1630. ID by Female DJ as
"AM 1480 WTOY". Female also mentioned the man that gave the Talk and said
he was Salem, VA. Into Gospel Music Version of (Silent Night)...Christmas Song.

RELOG NEW CALLS NEW ULR # 576 5 KW/20 Watts Nights
700 WJOE Orange/Athol, MASS. DEC/14/08 1815 EST EE FAIR
In WLW NULL. Had to Use the BOX LOOP...and the PK LOOP from
Austrailia in conjunction with each other to DIG this one out!!)
This Station is ON LATE!!
Rock Music 1815-1818 EST. Female DJ Spoke @ 1818 and gave ID as
"On 92.5 THE RIVER" (They were Relaying WXRV 92.5 Andover/Boston).
Into an Ad for the "Kittering Trading Post" @ 1819 EST.Into More Rock Music.
THANKS to SCOTT FYBUSH and RICK SHAFTAN for the TIP on this one!!



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