Two DX'ing Sessions

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I get to work all night
tonight, lucky me. I had time to do a lot of tuning around last night
and this morning. I logged a host of UNIDs plus the new stations
below. All were logged on the Eton E-100 slider. Times/dates in UTC.

820, WCPT, Willow Springs, IL, 2231-2338, 12/12/08. Other than an
UNID sta from 2 ds ago, this is the first sta I've been able to log
on this freq w/ an ID except for WBAP (Dallas). Talk show format hrd.
ID at 2236 as "WCPT, Progressive Talk on AM and FM." This is a 5kw

1190, KFXR, Dallas, TX, 2303-2331, 12/12/08. Nx rpt, lcl ads and sta
promos, a CNN talkshow was aired. Good ID at 2331. VG signal.

1640, WKSH, Sussex, WI, 0057-0115, 12/13/08. Radio Disney pgms
including ads. Quick partial ID copied at 0100 and immediately back
to R. Disney. These Disney stations must be a breeze to work
at...they surely must be automated.

560, XEXZ, Zacatecas, Mexico, 0513-0531, 12/13/08. SP vcl mx, TC's
and "ke buena" slogans by a M ancr. (Tnx,Richard,for the heads up on
this one.)

650, XETNT, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1304-1315 12/13/08, VG sig
w/ Mex NA at 1305 followed by a full ID by a W ancr.

1000, WMVP, Chicago, IL, 1340, 12/13/08. lcl ads were a tip off to
this one's ID during a successful null of KTOK (OK City). I could
only keep KTOK nulled for about a minute and a half. Lucky catch.

1020, KOIL, Plattsmouth, NE, 1400, 12/13/08. This one actually
punched through KOKP's (Perry, OK, Richard Allen's least favorite
station) signal for a few minutes! The usual R. Disney fare was hrd
after a brief lcl ID.

1250, KYYS, Kansas City, KS, 1440, 12/13/08. VG sig w/ SS lang pgm'g
and ID around 1445 w/ ments of Kansas City. Competition on the freq
from KZDC, San Antonio.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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