2009 Ultralight Radio AM-DX Shootout

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     It's almost time for another Ultralight-weight Championship Fight-- for ultimate pocket radio DX glory in the new year!  The new champion from the Summertime Shootout, the Sangean DT-400W, will face stiff competition from the latest technical wonders in the white-hot competition between determined Far East manufacturers.
     If you have a new model that you wish to enter in the competition, please submit your entry at any time prior to January 1, 2009.  Please ensure that your model meets all of the Ultralight Radio qualifications, as detailed in the Updated Ultralight Definitions and Master List, posted in the Ultralight File area on DXer.Ca.
Upon recommendation, models will be purchased by the Shootout administrator, who deeply appreciates this excuse to buy as many new radios as possible.  Please also ensure that your new model is not already on the Turkey List (posted on DXer.Ca), and not reviewed previously (in the 2008 January and Summertime Shootouts).
     The format of previous Shootouts will be followed, in which ALL the top Ultralight radio models will be compared against the new contenders, and the final Championship Award given to the AM pocket radio with the best overall DX performance as a stock model.  Good luck to all!
     73,  Gary DeBock

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