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Congratulations on PJB, Kirk.  I managed to hear them during the Sprint contest last March, but they are a tough catch here now... what with the KQCV in Oklahoma City and XEROK both between us and Aruba, things sure aren't like they were in the old days, that is for sure!

John B.

At 08:35 AM 12/12/2008 +0000, you wrote:

Howdy Radio Gurus,

The radio god smiled down upon me last evening!

800, PJB, Transworld Radio, Bonaire, 0050-0115, 12/12. TWR interval
signal definitely caught my attention at 0058. SS lang pgm'g w/nice
and clear ID, "Radio Transmundial" at 0059. They played an
instrumental version of the chorus from an old hymn, "Oh God Our Help
In Ages Past". Then another Christian talk pgm began. Totally lost to
the powerhouse XEROK by 0115. VG sig throughout the reception until
then. ULR country #8.

It's been many years since I hrd this station on MW. I recall when I
was in high school I could regularly tune them in on the radio in my
1960 Chevy BelAire car radio. I would sometimes drive out to the
country just to listen to the car electrical noise to
contend with out there at the lake. That old radio was a pretty good
DX'ing rig...wish I could recall what brand it was. Maybe it was an
Electrolux, ha ha.

One other new sta logged last evening:

830, KFLT, Tucson, AZ, 0000, 12/12. Possibly a lcl ad at tune in. M
w/ ID at the TOH as, "You're listening to KFLT, Tucson, Family Life
Radio." Excellent signal.

Take care, guys and best of 73's!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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