Re: An All-Nighter

Gary DeBock

John, Kirk and Richard,
     I suppose at 55 I'm in the middle of you guys, and pretty close to the average age of Ultralight DXers (from what I have gathered).  Back in the 60's and 70's when most of us became attracted to AM-DX, it was common for me to stay up all night on early Monday mornings, when most of the stations signed off for maintenance (allowing catches like WFLA-970 and WING-1420, among others,  from the west coast). 
     Thinking those all-night DX sessions were long gone, I found myself at Grayland, WA on November 2nd, blessed with exceptional TP conditions that I had never yet experienced.  Having brought along the four "E100 variants" for detailed comparison testing (as well as a stock DT-400W), I found myself practically DXing all night long, just like the teenage years.  What a rush!  Almost every 9 kHz split had an Asian signal-- who could hit the sack?
     Eventually I ran out of time to check all the higher frequencies, due to the task of comparing the four E100 variants repeatedly.  But there was no doubt that if only the fully-modified Slider E100 was used, 70 or 80 TP's would have been quite possible, instead of the actual 49 logged.  That little radio is a true DXing Monster, as any user will agree.
     73,  Gary

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