ULR DX LONGWAVE........Gettin' Lazy!!!

robert ross

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Hi Rob,

Well, you've received one more new NDB than me, during the past couple
of frozen days (both in beacon DX, and in back yard weather).

The Left Coast seems to have entered into the December Doldrums, with
even Almost Manitoba tough to receive. Last night I finally heard the
relog 413-YHD after about a week's absence, but nothing else from
"Uncivilized Ontario." The two NDB's from " Uncivilized Quebec"
(351-YKQ and 371-GW) have been Missing in Action for about two weeks.
Still stuck at 228 Ultralight NDB's.. (and still waiting for my
Mother-in-Law to go over the cliff in my new Cadillac.. :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

Gary........OK on the Doldrums on the Left Coast!! Things have not been Great here either......but I've managed to squeeze a few new Ones out of the ether here and there!! I set the Alarm for 5 AM this morning...with intentions of heading to the Back Deck and trying to sneak by the # 2 LW ULR DX'er!! However...after hearing Diddley the past 2 Days at 5 AM, I just rolled back over and said %$#@!...I ain't goin' out there in the Cold for nothing!! HAHAHHAA. With my Luck....this was most likely this was the morning all the Western Beacons were bombing in at Sunrise!!???

So...I guess I'll have to work hard out there tonight and see if I can't slide by you when you're not looking!! I have Christmas Parties the next 2 Evenings......so It will be REAL LATE if and when I get outside Friday and Saturday Nights...so that may be your opportunity to build up the lead!! AHHAHAHA...

Rather than the Cadillac, and Mother in Law..........I'd rather go over in a Hot Rod Lincoln....with Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen!!

Salute...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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